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The Repenique is a high pitched drum played with one hand and a stick a little shorter than a regular drum stick. A right handed player uses the stick in the right hand. There are three notes in the basic Repenique pattern.

1    M    The fingers of the left hand strike the drum, muffling the head.

2    O    The Stick in the right hand strikes the head of the drum.

3    S    With the left hand raised from the drum, the stick plays a rim shot ie. the tip of the stick strikes the head of the drum while the shaft of the stick hits the rim of the drum at the same time, producing a sharp ringing 'crack' of a sound.

The Rim Shot is by far the hardest to produce, especially while on the move in a Parade. An experienced player can get different Rim Shot sounds and even incorporate one stick rolls into the patterns and solos. An aspiring Repenique player should first spend some hours on their own practising getting the Rim Shot sound. If you don't hit the head and the rim at the same time it doesn't sound right. The modern Repenique part features a double rimshot which can be attempted after this technique is mastered.

The basic Repenique pattern for a Batucada is as follows,

There are also different Intros which can be used to start the Batucada or as Breaks or to lead out of Breaks. Here is a common one. 



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