Save Mynydd y Betws
Historic Neolithic Monument

What You Can Do

Firstly, spread the word. Let everyone you know, know about this. Can you imagine the public outcry if they announced they were going to bulldozer Stonehenge to build a wind farm ? The preservation of something very special could be what is at stake here.

If you use Facebook, please get your pals to like the Save Mynydd y Betws Facebook page so we can build numbers.

Write, or, email your MP and local Councillor, if you live in Wales. You can contact them for free through,

All you need is your postcode !


This website is devoted to the rescue of a newly discovered Neolithic stone row on Mynydd y Betws Mountain in Carmartheshire, Wales. The location borders two local authorities, Carmarthenshire County Council and the City and County of Swansea although this part of the Mountain top is in Carmarthenshire. A Wind Farm was recently permitted despite local objection. The land on which the Wind Farm is being developed and the location of the Neolithic Archaeology is owned by absent landlord, Lord Beaufort.

Archaeologist Sandy Gerrard has been investigating Mynydd y Betws for several months. Sandy was an English Heritage designation officer for 20 years.  He works on Dartmoor scheduling monuments and has excavated and surveyed extensively in South West England and South Wales.

His reports on his findings are recommended and can be found at the Heritage Action site linked in the Menu bar.

Urgent Action Is Required

Parts of the stone row have already been destroyed by mechanical diggers as recently as Feb 2012. These vehicles continue to plough about the site in the snow completely unaware of what they are trashing. It seems the vehicles are exceeding the area they are supposed to be restricted to.

The recently discovered stone row could be part of a much bigger system forming a Ceremonial Complex. If these mechanical diggers are allowed to carry on churning up the mountain, we may never know what Archaeology lies beneath.

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