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My recent album, Samba Olimpicos, features many of the patterns on this website.

for Samba Instruments by Gope, Bauer, Remo, RMV, etc.

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Note: There are many interpretations of the 'correct' way in playing caixa, or any percussion instrument. We recommend that you engage an experienced teacher to expand your knowledge and improve your technique.



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The Caixa has similarities to the Snare Drum in appearance and sound. However in Rio the snare is on the top playing head and the tension rods extend up beyond the rim. In UK people often play with the snare on the bottom head to avoid bloody fingers and the design of some modern drums minimizes the risk.

The grip is similar to the orthodox drum stick grip with the (left hand) stick resting in the crook of the thumb and forefinger and between the middle of the four fingers. Here are two basic patterns.



Many Caixa patterns feature a buzz or roll on one or more notes in the pattern. There are a raft of these demonstrated on the Jean Christophe Jacquin DVD/Video available from Knock On Wood.


Samba Reggae

Here are two basic caixa patterns for Samba Reggae.




I hope that you have found some of this useful. Let me know! Come back soon to check for updates.


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