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Samba on Drums


If you want to get deeper into Samba on the drum kit, we recommend Brazilian Rhythms For Drumset by Duduka Da Fonseca and Bob Weiner - available from Knock On Wood.

A similar book covers 'Salsa' rhythms, Afro-Cuban Rhythms For Drumset by Frank Malabe and Bob Weiner


Basic Samba Pattern


First master the most common ride pattern with a bass drum pulse, then add a Tamborim pattern on Cross-snare.

There are many variations of Samba on the drum kit, however this should get you rockin'.


Samba by Airto Moreira


A pattern from Airto Moreira, great Brazilian drummer and percussionist.



Here is another pattern from Airto Moreira, based on the Partido Alto rhythm. Airo Moreira favours the hi hat pedal on the down beat.


Alternative Ride Cymbal Patterns




Add a Tamborim pattern on cross stick as follows:-





Samba Batucada and Samba Reggae

Here is a Caixa (snare drum) part for a Samba Batucada. It can be quite challenging to combine with the feet pattern from the above exercises but forms a great groove for a solo. If it's too difficult you can start off with One and Three on the Bass Drum and Two and Four on the Hi Hat and develop it from there.

Audio File MP3


Variation with Floor Tom On Beat Three

Audio File MP3


This is a modern Caixa part from the Mocidade Samba School combined with the previous Bass Drum/Hi Hat:-

Audio File - MP3


Samba Tamborim Patterns on Snare with Middle Surdo

The left hand plays a Tamborim pattern on the snare. The right hand plays on the floor tom tom. On the first line the right hand just keeps the pulse. Thereafter it plays the Middle (Cortador or Cutting) Surdo part on one tom, then on three toms. Finally with bass drum and hi-hat keeping the pulse.

Written in 2/4 time.

The following example includes a slightly different Tamborim part and the Surdo in the 'reverse' direction.


I hope you find this useful. let me know how you get on.


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