Welcome to my webpage. Here you will find links to further information on all my activities, present and past, as well as a fund of free online drum and percussion lessons. Please download some of my music which I hope you enjoy. Thank you for visiting Littledrum.





Drumming For Dyslexic Pupils

To help students with Dyslexia we have developed graphics to pictorally represent some useful drum patterns and rudiments. The material on our Dyslexic page should be enough to get any keen young drummer started on the right path.


Samba Olimpicos

A suite of Samba recordings to celebrate the 2016 Rio Olympics. You can hear three tracks on my Soundcloud page,

Samba Olimpicos

Blow By Blow

Maratona Maracatu




phil little

Photos by Michael Kenna, Greg, Jenny Challacombe and Mike Carrington